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About Us

We  A  SCHOOL in Bengaluru, solemnly resolve to protect our Children by taking measures to safeguard the child, child’s life, liberty and dignity at School at all times:

  • We ACKNOWLEDGE that our Children’s safety is paramount and requires a comprehensive,systematic and holistic approach to keep them safe at all times, especially at school

  • We REALISE that ensuring the safety of our Children in school will require our continuous focus on systems, processes, awareness building, training and monitoring to achieve our goal

  • We GUARANTEE a prompt, fair and effective response to any allegations of Children in our care 
    • We PROMISE to discipline any offender found guilty of abusing Children in our care and will cooperate in a timely manner with Government authorities, as required under law

    • We SUBSCRIBE to the view that our children’s safety will depend on building an ecosystem built on mutual trust,involving all stakeholders, viz. Parents, Children, School personnel and Government

    • We COMMIT our individual and institutional efforts to ensure that suitable action will be taken with a view to keeping our Children safe in Schools, at all times


    The Trust aims to give the value education to meet the current challenges of high standards and all round development of a child in education, sports, yoga, culture and extracurricular activities from kindergarten to x standard in ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) syllabus with co-curricular, co/extra scholastic activities.

    The Co-education institution provides a loving and caring environment in learning activities. It also makes the child to interact with other children through co-operative learning.

    Looking for the better future of a child, we have introduced the pre-school programme.

    • To develop unity among the students from different religions, languages and culture.
    • To provide suitable environment to encourage students.
    • To wash out the inferior complexity among students.
    • To develop good communication skills among students.
    • To build up innovative mind set among students.

    The trust aims to provide high quality educational facilities and healthy hygienic food for allround development of the child. Medical care facilities are provided round the clock for immediate attention at times of ill health. Motherly care will be given to children by trained, experienced and cultured personnel and with total involvement of the management. At Paradise there are no class teachers, we are all “Mother Teachers” as a teacher is the second mother to the child in carving their life.

    At Paradise there are no class teachers, we are all “Mother Teachers” as a teacher is the second mother to the child in carving their life.

    • The school has embedded School monogram with ISO certification as seen.

    • The core pink logo which speaks of “Sarva Dharma Samatva” Equanimity amongst all the religions and the Green outer circle speaks about the certified standards we follow as per international methodologies.

    • We find an open book at the center which represents Knowledge (Para & Apara – which can be translated into English as Secular / Scholastic and Spiritual / Eternal Knowledge) by confiscating

    • Darkness (Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya).

    Board members

    Dr. Manjunatha T, the founder chairman of Thimmaiah Educational Trust (TET), Paradise Group of Institutions,Premier Lotus Foundation (PLF), Moulya Gurukul International School (MGIS) and CMD Jade Group of Hotels hails from a service minded family. He is well known for his interest in the development of education. His great vision and experience in administration of school is very valuable for the growth of this institution.

    He firmly believes that children of today are glowing lights of the world in future and they do not belong to their parents alone but are the responsibility of every one of us.
    Children are the precious gift of God. Parents send the children to school with trust and we chisel and carve them to become worthy citizens of the country & universe. It is our aim to impart quality education to the children, instilling in them Indian Culture and values blending with modern innovation in the field of Education.

    Smt. Lakshmi Devi M, Secretary of TET and Treasurer of PLF feels that students’ community includes children from different backgrounds. Our staff also belong to different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We at The Paradise Group of Institutions are trying hard to maintain our Indian Philosophy. We have qualified Trained staff to help the students to cope with the present day’s demand in various fields of education. “A Nation is made in its classrooms, Teachers are the Architects.”

    Rukmani amma: As a mother of nine children I understand the needs of the parents of the current generation. I brought up my children single handed as they lost their father at an young age and empowered them with strong Indian Values and culture. I wanted my children to spread the same it to the world. This inspiration and motivation made them to start around 10 schools in Bangalore.

    Muni Raju N: I am an engineering graduate and work for BHEL. Understanding the shortcomings of fundamental education at the recruitment level in my organizations, I wanted to strengthen the same in the upcoming batches and joined hands with Dr. Manjunatha T in making his Vision into a Mission with my aspiration.

    Pankaj Kumar Sharma: Being an entrepreneur he added beauty and ecstasy to buildings, ignited his heart to do the same by touching the hearts of the tiny toddlers and youth, made him join hands with The Paradise Group of Institutions.


    The school has two logos, primarily a pink logo which speaks of "Sarva Dharma Samatva" Equanimity amongst all the religions and the Green announces about the certified standards we follow as per international methodologies. We find an open book at the center of the logo which represents Knowledge (Para & Apara – which can be translated into English as Secular / Scholastic and Spiritual / Eternal Knowledge) by confiscating Darkness (Tamaso ma Jyothirgamaya.


    The institution was founded on the principle of values and morals supported by the strength of dedication and commitment. The institution looks forward to growing and evolving into an institution of global Standard imparting quality education by offering courses and programmes that bring together students from India and abroad. The aim of the institution is to enhance the academic experience of the students by inspiring them, tapping and channelizing their potential, enlightening them to become productive citizens and individuals of integrity.


    To meet the higher education needs of the community adequately through required various programs. To identify and recruit the right kind of human resources, training and motivating them for better performance continuously. To develop meaningful educational plan compatible with the goals of students, prepare them well towards career advancement and employment. To provide a stimulating environment for work, study and scholarly enquiry for student and faculty. To make maximum use of the resources and infrastructure available.


    To rest in work with oneness feeling and having the slogan of “one for all and all for one”


    Life becomes still if we do not have a vision of our goal. Upon making a goal constant review about how many steps have we taken towards it is a must. Students constantly review about ‘proper planning for work and to see if they have executed what they planned’ on a weekly basis.


    The IQ’s were the days till 90’s. Now it is the EQ’s and SQ’s which determines stability and longivity. EQ means Emotion Quotient and SQ stands for Spiritual Quotient. We start the day with a worship in the assembly to strengthen the SQ which in turn automatically brings up a balance in the EQ. Our daily worship in the assembly is.


    1.Our school, with pride, shall place on record THE AWARD FOR THE BEST SCHOOL MANAGEMENT for the year 2012-2013 By The Karnataka state aided primary school teachers association, Bangalore south district. It is the support and encouragement of parents, commitment ofteachers, and active participation of students This award was presented to the Chairman Sri Manjunatha T for his dynamic leadership in planning, organizing and achieving. This paved a path to the award which was given away by the Education minister.

    2.On May 10, 2014, a mega function was organized by our Mr. Manjunatha T, Chairman of The Paradise Residential School, and awarded 100 wheel chairs to the needy persons, in the presence of his Excellency Dr. Rosaiah, the governor of Tamil Nadu and Honourable Housing Minister Mr. Ambarish, Government of Karnataka , This program was conducted in association with Rasi group chairman Mr. Narasimhan, ex. Member of Parliament.

    3.During the academic year 2014-2015 Indian Business conference Institute Pvt. Ltd.,conducted a review and we were place on record for having the BEST Mission and Vision. 600 schools participated, from 4 southern states.

    4.Our chairman donated health insurance policies for the underprivileged people in the presence of his Excellency Dr. Rosaiah, the governor of TamilNadu This was viewed by millions of Indians as it was broadcasted on TV.

    5.Putani Vignana conducted a unique fest “15 International level Science Talent Exam” where in Our school participated and was awarded many prizes in this fest at the National Level.

    6.Our chairman was the chief guest for “Tennis Badminton” conducted by Karnataka State film producers and all directors and union workers witnessed this function.

    Learned Scholars who enable learning happen in young minds – Our Teaching community

    Keeping in mind the criteria, that the success of educational reforms depends on imparting of qualitative education, with competent, creative and professionally qualified teachers are recruited. The teacher works as a closely knit community / family having promoted excellent work culture of the highest professional standards. The staff members are provided with a supportive and congenial work atmosphere. The orientation programs under the tutelage of the self development programme have always prompted the right motivation & competency & helped in updating the staff with the latest methodologies of classroom teaching thereby enabling them to give their professional best. The Fraternity of Faculty is headed by our Director who holds 3 MBAs and 5 Doctorates.

    D’s are five which makes one a complete successful man with proper DIRECTION

    • Devotion:  Knowledge is not bought in the marks. It is absorbed by the pupil with devotion.
    • Discipline:  A pupil who is non organized can never achieve anything till one disciplines oneself.
    • Determination:  To sore to greater heights one has to be determined and walk steadily, else all falls.
    • Dedication:  Without proper commitment and adhering to things makes us lose focus..
    • Discretion:  Helps when I have everything but do not know which one to choose

    Our Testimonials

    Our school has received much positive feedback from parents whose children used to be enrolled at Paradise Residential School.

    Paradise Residential School has been our partner in parenting and educating our children. The values that are important to us are reflected in our school family.

    Harish Associate Engineer

    Our child started Paradise Residential School in 2nd grade. We were worried about the transition, but it was the best move we made for our daughter.

    Spoorthy House Wife

    Our son attends the school and we have been very impressed. There is a strong sense of community and everyone makes you feel like family when you walk through the door.

    Prasad Varma Senior Manager

    As a parent I am extremely happy as the school caters to the holistic development of the child. The faculty and the management are very cooperative joyous to be in the school.

    Tharani Freelancer