Garden Of Paradise

Walk by our kindergarten section. It is vibrant with colours, music and joy of activity centered learning.Classroom is furnished with customized furniture, bright visuals, display boards and array of nursery equipment and activity room in fact everything to beguile the little learners. The warmth and supportive atmosphere is replicated.

  • Caring and qualified staff
  • Excellent Teacher – pupil ratio 1:5
  • Safe and Hygienic
  • Working in partnership with peer groups, faculty and parents
  • A complete schedule of activities
  • Bulletin Board displays, role play, storytelling puppetry etc.
  • Education Through concept based activities and smart class.
This is the next rung of the ladder. Along the corridor are grades I to X. There is a buzz of excitement and activity in the air. Following the latest trends the thematic- inter- disciplinary approach has been adopted at this level. The curriculum encourages children to explore their interests, as they move gradually from the familiar to the unknown scope in social skills of adaptability and team work.
The curriculum addresses the uniqueness of each child and provides exposure beyond the academics. Role play, dance, music, field trips, sports and a range of hobby interests add new dimensions to the growth of the child.
Our faculties are experienced in the field of early childhood education and child development. In addition to this all members of staff participate in continuous in service training by experienced trainers and take part in curriculum design and implementation, assessment strategies and class room management as well. The school is built in a very spacious area surrounded by green garden. Keeping in view the philosophy of exploring the unknown, the physical environment at our school is a highly effective teaching tool and much planning goes into its creation. Adequate facilities are provided on the campus.

Tuition The word Tuition speaks about the Teacher, Taught and Teaching. The knowledge transfer would be complete only when the three T’s are aligned. This is what is ensured during the academic session of 7 to 8 periods. The end result is that every student should be as knowledgeable as the teacher by the end of the session.

Innovation in Teaching

Exams: Continuous and comprehensive evaluation, consisting of two tests, one terminal examination and one annual examination securing the academic year. (as per ICSE norms) Students who do not secure the minimum required marks for promotion in two consecutive years will not be permitted to continue in ICSE. Students should have a minimum attendance of 85% to be eligible for the Annual Examination. A comprehensive Progress Report showing details of marks secured in the monthly tests, terminal examinations, assignments along with details of attendance are given to parents/guardians after every test and exam.

Balanced learning curriculum The Paradise Group of Institutions are committed to the holistic development of children through wide range of innovative co-curricular and extra curricular activities which is an important part of total holistic education. Through our exclusive BLC we prepare he children for academic success, while fully integrating character development creating a all round program of education. Children explore the classroom and outdoor environment to learn about the role of science & technology in our lives.
“Let us live for our Children” This is according to Fredrich Froebel, the fostering of a child’s nature implied, guarding, tending and cultivating it like a good gardener (teacher) tending a baby plant (kid/baby). Garden of Paradise believes in Froebel’s education theory and practice it. A child’s work: Freedom and play. In this way we give importance to children in our garden classrooms and make these baby plants nurture into little buds to bloom

  • sraddhavan labhate jnanam
  • tat-parah samyatendriyah
  • jnanam labdhva param santim
  • acirenadhigacchati
  • --BG IV (39)

A faithful pupil who is absorbed in teachings of the master and who subdues ones senses ALONE quickly attains the supreme knowledge / spiritual peace.
--BG IV-39

Academic Calendar

The academic year for the school is programmed from June to the following April with regular vacations in accordance to the norms and policies of the Trust / Board.
The timings of the school is scheduled in three styles Day-Care, Kindergarten and Elementary, Middle & High school .
Day Care : 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Kindergarten: 8:30 am to 12:45 pm
Elementary, Middle & High school: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm