Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  • It is compulsory for all students to wear the specified uniform every day.
  • All students should converse only in English in the school premises, in order to acquire the great skills in the use of the language.
  • Students are not permitted to wear valuable jewellery.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality are to be maintained. Attendance in the assembly is compulsory. No student will be permitted to abstain from the class without prior permission. Leave letter should be sent to the head of the institution, duly signed by the parent or guardian. Any student who is absent for a long period without any genuine reason will be removed from the rolls of the school.
  • Students are expected to behave in disciplined manner at all times. The school reserves the right to ask parents to withdraw their wards for any act of indiscipline without assigning any reason.
  • Severe action will be taken against students who damage the school property.
  • Students and parents are requested to adhere to the rules and regulations that are enforced from time to time.
  • Once admission fee is paid, it will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Parents are advised to refrain from taking the students during class hours.

Parents are advised to drop Residential Students before beginning of classes when they report back after holidays and short breaks. They will not be permitted to enter campus during class hours.


Every student is issued with 2 sets of blue uniforms, one set of white uniform, 1 set of tracks. First standard to fifth standard will get one sweater for the winter and 6th to 8th will be getting Blazers to be worn daily. Along with this two pairs of Navy blue socks, one pair of white socks, Belt & Identity card. 6th and above will get tie and tie clip with cuffing.


We would request you to ensure that your child arrives at school at-least 15 minutes before the commencement of the assembly. We would also request you to be punctual when collecting your child at the end of the day.

Please ring the Administrator/Principal/PR if you are delayed to pick up the child so that the child will be kept safely in school. Children are supervised on the playground from 8.30am to 3:30pm. Unless there is inclement weather all children with the exception of the under 5's (i.e. nursery classes) should be playing in the playground before the commencement of school.

All visitors to the school MUST report to the main reception area. This is clear signposted. If the reception desk is not attended please ring the bell for attention or tap the table. All visitors to the school will be requested to sign a Visitors book and will be given a Visitor's badge. The school has an intruder alarm system; security cameras and security lighting. All children are taken to the school gate at the end of the school day by their respective teachers. All parents must ensure that staffs are told beforehand if children are to be taken for appointments during school hours. All other pupil will be handed over to parents at the office gate. Staff will not hand over pupils to adults who they do not recognise/know unless they have been informed before-hand. We would respectfully remind parents that the responsibility of the staff ends at the school gate. All children who have permission to walk home alone must submit written permission from their parents to the Mother-teacher beforehand (forms available at office). No child will be allowed to leave the school premises unless accompanied by an authorised adult or unless written permission has been received. Children wishing to cycle to and from school should also bring a letter giving parental Consent