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Our curriculum combines aspects of our two core academic traditions.

As one of the best school in electronic city, the Paradise Residential school boasts a unique and comprehensive curriculum that makes it one of the best ICSE schools in electronic city. With the aim of nurturing the minds of students at each grade level and our lot of highly experienced and professional teachers, we provide quality education to our pupils that would prove highly beneficial for their future endeavors and career prospects as well.

Teachers that lead the way

Learned scholars who guide and mould young minds- Our teaching community

We at the Paradise residential school highly believe that to enable students to learn effectively and create an academically stimulating environment,the educators play a very vital role. In fact, the role of the teacher is as important as the student in the process of learning.

To ensure that the right kind of guidance and high quality of education is imparted to the young minds, ready to be stirred up and led in the right direction, we need to ensure the presence of a highly experienced and qualified teaching faculty. The teachers at the best school in Electronic City, work together as a closely-knit community.

A highly professional and congenial atmosphere is promoted among the teaching fraternity. The teachers are also trained prior to their job as a part of the teaching staff at the top rated school in Electronic City, The Paradise Residential School. 

The orientation programs under the tutelage of the self-development program have always prompted the right motivation & competency & helped in updating the staff with the latest methodologies of classroom teaching thereby enabling them to give their professional best.

Online classes: Learn from a distance

Today online classes are no longer a thing of the future. Especially since the unprecedented outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, all schools are offering online classes and you can bet that the Best school in electronic city, is no exception.

We run online classes with the assistance of TechBridge, a company pioneering in making education more digitised and accessible. This way, your child can learn from the top faculty in Basapura, without risking their own safety, right from the comfort of their own homes!

A walk through the Garden of Paradise

Are you ready to go through a mind map of our wonderful campus, combined with important aspects of the curriculum? Let us start and find out why we are the best school in electronic city

Our wholesome curriculum division

Our Kindergarten section: A splash of colors

The little learners full of wide eyed curiosity and a thirst for knowledge take their first steps into education with our Kindergarten section, oozing with vibrant colors, music and the joy of activity centered learning.

The classrooms are furnished with customized furniture, bright visuals, display boards, and an array of nursery equipment that are perfect for catching the eye of young children. To make the atmosphere loving and comfortable for the young learners, the home-like atmosphere is replicated, which enables them to learn better. 

The following unique aspects right from the Kindergarten are what make TPRS the best school near in electronic city.

Caring and qualified staff

Excellent Teacher – pupil ratio 1:5

Safe and Hygienic

Working in partnership with peer groups, faculty and parents

A complete schedule of activities

Bulletin Board displays, role play, storytelling puppetry etc.

Education Through concept based activities and smart class.

Students and faculty are completing school work remotely through our distance learning program, [email protected]. Although offices on campus are closed, our administrative teams are working remotely, and we are here to help!

The next rung of the ladder: classes I to X

the best ICSE school in electronic city

As you move onto the corridors, you will find classes I to X, there you will find a buzz of excitement and activity in the air. Classes I to X are the most important part of any child’s schooling and therefore, we pay special emphasis on making sure that a holistic and well-rounded approach to education is adopted during these years and the students receive a quality education, perfected with just the right balance of academics and co-curricular activities, from the best ICSE school in electronic city.

It is our responsibility and aims to ensure that the students are provided with an academically stimulating atmosphere that leads them to challenge, think and find out new things, expand the horizons of their knowledge and also cultivate the basic concepts of various subjects firmly.


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Keeping class sizes at the Lower School.


Offering a breadth of programming.

Our curriculum

is designed keeping in mind the uniqueness and individuality of each student and developing opportunities to identify and nurture each and every student. A wide range of activities from role-playing, music, dance, field trips, sports, and hobbies add new dimensions to the growth of the child. We also foster the development of social communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in children.

What makes us one of the best ICSE schools in electronic city is our experienced and trained teaching faculty. The teaching staff themselves are on a path of continuous growth and improvement and participate in various workshops and training by experienced trainers, participate in Curriculum design and implementation, Assessment strategies and classroom management as well.

The Paradise Group of Institutions are committed to the holistic development of children through a wide range of innovative co-curricular and extra curricular activities which is an important part of total holistic education. Children explore the classroom and outdoor environment to learn about the role of science & technology in our lives.

A unique and new

The three T approach

We believe that the proper transfer of knowledge between the student and the teacher can be complete only when the three T’s of Tuition are aligned together. These are:

We ensure that the three Ts are aligned during the academic session of 7 to 8 periods and the end result is that at the end of the session there is a very clear and concise transfer of knowledge between the teacher and the student. 


the best ICSE school in electronic city

Examinations and assessments are a crucial part of education. Being one of the best school in electronic city, we follow the ICSE board pattern. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation, consisting of two tests, one terminal examination and one annual examination securing the academic year. (as per ICSE norms) Students who do not secure the minimum required marks for promotion in two consecutive years will not be permitted to continue in ICSE.

Students should have a minimum attendance of 85% to be eligible for the Annual Examination. A comprehensive Progress Report showing details of marks secured in the monthly tests, terminal examinations, assignments along with details of attendance are given to parents/guardians after every test and exam. This is how we ensure a very dynamic and responsive examination and assessment scheme, as the best school in electronic city, Bengaluru.



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