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Good infrastructural facilities

best ICSE school in electronic city

Good infrastructural facilities form the backbone of any effective educational institute. Facilities ranging from infrastructure to clubs and libraries supplement a quality education.

And at the best ICSE school in electronic city, we consider it our utmost duty to ensure all these facilities are readily available to our students at all times, so that they promote their physical and mental well-being and create an environment where they are free to learn to explore without any kinds of inhibitions or limitations. 

Take a look at the wide range of services offered by The Paradise Residential School, one of the best schools in electronic city.

Our facilities


Clubs provide a systematic way to pursue one’s hobbies and develop the inherent talents in students.

Therefore we provide a wide range of clubs which work regularly alongside the academic activities to help children gain exposure and an opportunity to shine, doing what they enjoy.

The clubs at the top rated school in electronic city are a bit unique as they foster social awareness and responsibility besides being enjoyable. Our school offers 11 clubs, which are as follows:

Adventure Club

Customer Place

Health Classes

Language meets

Math Round Table

Red Ribbon Awareness

Science forum

Social Table

Sports Club

Student Cluster


Expect only the best when it comes to academics and scholastic facilities from the best ICSE school in electronic city. Along the corridors you will find classes I to X , buzzing with excitement and activity.

The most modern and thematic approach is adopted at this level in tune with the ICSE curriculum to make sure the children receive a well-rounded and holistic education. The curriculum addresses the uniqueness of each child and provides exposure beyond academics.

Role play, dance, music, field trips, sports and a range of hobby interests add new dimensions to the growth of the child. In addition to this, the teaching faculty at the best school near in electronic city is highly trained and professional in all aspects of childhood education and childhood development.

They also continuously partake in things like curriculum design and implementation, assessment strategies and classroom management as well.

Examinations and assessments are a crucial part of education. Being one of the best school in electronic city, we follow the ICSE board pattern. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation, consisting of two tests, one terminal examination and one annual examination securing the academic year. (as per ICSE norms) Students who do not secure the minimum required marks for promotion in two consecutive years will not be permitted to continue in ICSE.

Students should have a minimum attendance of 85% to be eligible for the Annual Examination. A comprehensive Progress Report showing details of marks secured in the monthly tests, terminal examinations, assignments along with details of attendance are given to parents/guardians after every test and exam. This is how we ensure a very dynamic and responsive examination and assessment scheme, as the best ICSE school in electronic city, Bengaluru.

The Paradise Residential school, stands up to its name as the best ICSE school in electronic city and believes that a holistic and all-round development of a child is instrumental in ensuring a quality education. Through our exclusive BLC we prepare the children for academic success, while fully integrating character development creating an all round program of education.

Children explore the classroom and outdoor environment to learn about the role of science & technology in our lives. Our well balanced curriculum vouches equally for emphasis on academics and innovative co-curricular activities, making us the Best school in electronic city in Basapura.

To ensure that students learn with full focus and concentration it's necessary that they get to and from the school in a safe and timely manner. For this purpose the best ICSE school in electronic city The school has its own vehicles to assist in transporting children.

Our Transport managers, have a dedicated team of 25 drivers and 25 cleaners for 20 buses this results in a top notch management cadre and very effective and punctual transport service for the students, at the top school in electronic city. To ensure safety Our vehicles also have GPRS enabled systems with them that helps parents to track when, where their wards will be reaching their respective destination.

The living quarters are one one of the best things about us and one of the many facilities that make us the best school in electronic city. The rooms are spacious and well furnished, maintained with top-notch hygiene facilities.

As for food and nutrition, utmost care is given by the experts in cooking palatable and nutritionally balanced meals for the children. A prayer hall is also present which provides a peaceful abode for worship, praying and meditation at the best ICSE school in electronic city

Books are the treasure troves of knowledge and any learning scholar needs ready and easy access to a wide range of books to expand their horizons. The Library is well stacked with a plethora of books from various disciplines. Children are fascinated by the world of books and are encouraged to read, go through pictures, narrate and discuss themes and facts. A library hour is scheduled for each grade and children are encouraged to borrow books for reference from the library and make the most use of this wonderful facility at the best residential school in electronic city. 

The classrooms at the top rated school in electronic city are very well-equipped and empowered with digital technology. All areas incorporate open spaces that allow children to freely move around and select how they want to work. Walls are decorated with children’s work, giving them a strong sense of ownership and pride. The play area is equipped with a number of child-friendly equipment and an extensive collection of flora and fauna. 

To enable practical knowledge and experiences the school is equipped with full fledged laboratories for Computers, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

The best ICSE school in electronic city also offers excellent daycare and afterschool care facilities. The kids are kept in a loving environment that helps them feel comfortable and grow at a steady and consistent pace. You are expected to send the kid with one pair of extra dresses, one Napkin, Water bottle and a lunch box with snacks.

This is the era of digitalisation and the best ICSE school in electronic city is not one to stay behind in this regard. Digital Campus helps to coordinate with the total performance of the students at just one click of the mouse. GPS tracking system alerts the parents and the admin about the student’s arrival and departure.

CCTV cameras  are installed to keep an eye on the whole campus with the terminals at the Principal’s desk along with the Management, Admin & PR. Bulk SMS update the parents about the day to day activities of the school along with the pictures. Parents also get to know about the circulars, memos, results etc through updates sent on their mobile phones.

The premises of the best ICSE school in electronic city is highly secure and safe. The entire campus is protected through regular CCTV surveillance 24x7. The children should be dropped to and picked from school punctually by the parents or authorised guardians. If the parents will be late to pick up the child the school staff needs to be informed prior to this. No students can be sent home during school hours without parental approval and written consent.



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