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Our Management

The management of any institution forms the basis for the working and growth of that institute.

At the top rated school in electronic city, the management plays the key role in shaping and determining the values, ethics and morals that will guide an educational place like a school, that is why it is extremely important to have people that are guided by their ethics, have a strong sense of honesty and humility and are keenly interested in the development of education, which will procure a bright future for the young minds of the nation.

Find out about the experienced educators and philanthropists that comprise our management team at the top rated school in electronic city.

From the Chairman desk

ICSE school in electronic city

Dr. T. Manjunatha is the chairman of the Thimmaiah Educational Trust. He hails from a service minded family and is quite literally the guiding light that is taking TPRS towards a path of success and has led it to become one of the top rated school in electronic city.

He is keenly interested in the development of education and his experience and expertise in the field of education has been very important for the institution and has helped it reach new heights. He believes that children are the “glowing lights of the world”, and it is not only the responsibility of the parents but also a collective responsibility of the society to ensure a quality education for them.

That is what we aim to do at the Paradise Residential School, the top rated school in electronic city. Our student community includes children from different backgrounds. Our staff also belong to different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. We at the Paradise Residential School are trying hard to maintain our Indian Philosophy . We have qualified staff to help the students to cope with the present day’s demand in various fields of education.

From the Secretary’s desk

“Children are the precious gifts of God. Parents send their children to school with trust and we chisel and carve them to become worthy citizens of the country and the world.” This is the view held by our Secretary, Ms. Lakshmi Devi M. who wishes to impart quality education and plays an important role in shaping the vision of the best school near in electronic city.

She is seen, saying, “It is our aim to impart quality education to the children, instilling in them Indian culture and values blended with modern innovation in the field of education.”

A firm believer of ‘Unity in diversity’, she assures that the student community in TPRS, the top rated school in electronic city come from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds to create the perfect blend of values that encompass the Indian culture.

“A Nation is made in its classrooms, Teachers are the Architects” she finishes off her message by saying this famously known quote from times immemorial.

The Principal, The Paradise Residential School

Top Rated School in Electronic City

The Paradise Residential School is a dynamic place of learning. We nurture our students to become confident, compassionate, and enthusiastic about the many opportunities that the world has to offer.

They become resilient problem-solvers who see the world with discerning, thoughtful, and compassionate eyes. They are truly global citizens ready to take on the world and accept any new challenges that the world will throw at them. They learn today so that they will lead tomorrow.

Our impressive school campus, with beautiful and well-equipped laboratories. A good space for reading and enriching once knowledge in our 4500+ books will help the child to explore a large range of activities and subjects and will be inspired to develop his/her gifts and talents. 

While our students gain valuable knowledge and expertise in English, Kannada, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, they also exercise and develop their talents in Art, Music, Band, Dance, and Physical Education to become truly well-rounded students. 

Our students SUCCEED because they care deeply about their learning and their community. They want to be of service to those around them and their classroom lessons become life lessons. 

I am humbled to be their Principal and I invite you to see what our school has in store for your child. We look forward to meeting you!
Gods’ Choicest Blessings’! 

Rtn.Sunitha Tressy Crasta




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