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Our Vision

Leading the way

What defines us: Our Vision

Being the best school near electronic city takes much more than having just sound infrastructural and academic facilities, what eventually guides us is our resolve and our mission.

What kind of school will TPRS become in a period of say ten years? What are some values that we would like to imbibe and keep alive even with changing times? How ready are we to mould ourselves along with the rapidly changing world to ensure a modernistic and quality education for our students.

Let us answer some of these questions to find out what makes us different and the best school near electronic city?

The future of the Paradise Residential School

Only nine years into the scene and we already have much to boast of including the award for the “Best vision and Mission” in the year 2014-2015. So what is it that makes us unique and worthy enough to be the best school near electronic city?

We firmly believe that the last century has seen a larger number of changes and innovations than all the centuries combined before that and this tendency to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace is not slowing down anytime soon. That is why, we envision becoming a school that can provide a very high quality and standard of education amidst all changing times.

Our curriculum is equipped with methodologies that ensure that our students are prepared to step out in the wide world with a wonderful capability to adjust and adapt to changes. This is what will ensure the future success of the students of the best school near electronic city

For a strong foundation

Our unchanging values and morals

We at the best school near electronic city, strongly believe that adapting to changes is extremely essential if one wants to succeed in life.

However, to have a grounded and humble personality one must lead by conviction and stand by certain values and morals that will not be compromised with the changing tides of time.

We have established certain morals and values that have guided us all along and will continue to do so in the future as well. Equality among all our pupils in all aspects related to providing education is one moral that we stand by and never plan on compromising on.

Ensuring the safety of our children at all times, teaching them to be responsible citizens and expressing their gratitude towards the community are some values that form the layout for our vision.

A global standard of Education

best school near electronic city

Our institute was founded on the principles of ethics and morals, combined with the dedication to develop and evolve the education sector.

Our vision entails our growth as an educational institute imparting a global standard and quality of education and we aim to offer a broad curriculum that offers courses that bring students from both India and abroad together.

We  hope to stand up to our name as the top school in electronic city and  provide an enriching academic experience to children that inspires them, helps them discover their individuality and tap into their inherent potential, channelising it into ways that benefit the society and humanity at large.

Words of wisdom

Our Mission

There is an utmost need for a quality higher education in our country, for that purpose we aim to provide the highest quality of education by dividing it into suitable programs, identifying human resources, 

 and channelize their potential in the right activities while inspiring us to improve and grow.

As one of the top rated schools in electronic city, we want to ensure that the maximum utilization of all infrastructural and academic facilities is made to develop a methodology compatible with the students’ needs and which will lead them down a successful career path and employment.

Words of wisdom

From the Principal’s desk

Leading our vision with the idea, “To give the best to each child and bring out the best in each child”the Principal, believes in an equitable education that is open for children from all backgrounds. She also diverts our attention towards a wrongly held conviction of focusing too much on the future that we forget to fully live in the present.

Quoting Staucia Tauscher, she says,” “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” As the principal of the best school near electronic city she ends her message by relaying, As the Principal of the Institution I assure that your child’s future can be moulded in a way the society demands.

My constant effort on crafting the careers in the Garden of Paradise will not cease until the child steps out of the institution fully prepared to face the World and stand on their own.

I wish that all the parents and guardians who are very much interested in producing a visionary child would be a part of our vision by joining hands to create a better society and world for tomorrow’s young generation. She truly is fit for leading the top rated school in electronic city!

Way forward

best school near electronic city

With these revolutionary ideas and a strong conviction to establish ourselves as one of the best school near electronic city, Bengaluru and eventually across the country, we at the Paradise Residential School have been taking small steps and reaching small milestones of success that bear fruit because of our consistent efforts.

We want to dedicate ourselves to the development and evolution of the education industry to suit and meet all needs of a growing child and we hope that our students contribute positively to the society and leave behind a legacy of innovation, intellect, humility and growth with equity, standing out as responsible citizens and valuable assets to the society as the students of the best school electronic city.



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