Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission


The institution was founded on the principle of values and morals supported by the strength of dedication and commitment. The institution looks forward to growing and evolving into an institution of global standard, imparting quality education by offering courses and programmes that bring together students from India and abroad. The Aim of the institution is to enhance the academic experience of the students by inspiring them, tapping and channelizing their potential, enlightening them to become productive citizens and individuals of integrity.


  • To meet higher education needs of the community adequately through various programmes.
  • To identify and recruit the right kind of human resources, training and motivating them for better performance continuously.
  • To develop meaningful educational plan compatible to the goals of the students, prepare them well towards the career advancement and employment.
  • To provide a stimulating environment for work, study and scholarly enquiry for students and faculty to make maximum use of the resources and infrastructure.


Gain More Knowledge, Reach Greater Heights

India Business Conference Institute Pvt. Ltd conducted a survey among 600 schools in South India in the Academic Year 2013-14 and presented the best “MISSION AND VISION” Award to our Chairman.